China E-Commerce

With extensive experience in China E-Commerce, our teams in Düsseldorf and Shanghai offer consultancy for your products to expand into Chinese market with strategic solutions.

Our know how and networks will help you not only to settle your products on all those big B2C platforms (Wechat, Taobao, Tmall, JD and etc.), but also to do thorough product analysis, provide the best and suitable competitive advantages description, price positioning and brand building to generate sales.

Sales and Marketing & Distribution

Besides offering profound digital marketing services (Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and Content Marketing), what makes us more outstanding are our wide and well-connected existing sales and marketing channels all around China, which include:

Hundreds of thousands of households

More than 400 premium brand shops

More than 100 Supermarkets

More than 50 Schools

Hundreds of Hospitals

And thousands of corporate customers.

With our assistance, your company will expand into Chinese market with low risk, build up brand reputation and generate sales growth seamlessly.  

Further, we are more than happy to become your distributor, which will reduce your risks dramatically, including product registration, regulatory support, customs handling, importation, transportation and distribution, logistics, repackaging, invoicing, payment collection and supply chain management.

Business Development Europe

With more and more Chinese individuals and companies investing in Europe, our experts assist you with setting up companies, sales and marketing, employing the right people and acquiring useful contacts and suppliers in Europe, especially in Germany. 

Education Projects

This field focuses on projects between China and Germany. With heavy demand from Chinese schools and universities, having good relationships with many German schools and universities paired with the education experts on our team, we assist and customize cooperative educational projects between China and Germany.

Similarly, we have partnerships with many training centers and institutions on the east coast and southern China.  Especially having a good relationship with local governments, we are able to build win-win partnerships between Chinese and German schools.